Propolis, propolis

Propolis is a sticky, resinous substance produced by honey bees. It is used by bees to seal the hive's dwelling and protect it from pests and bacteria. Propolis is also used in the cosmetic industry as an ingredient because it provides a number of benefits to the skin.

How does propolis work for the skin, in what way does the ingredient help to improve the skin?

It is believed that propolis can protect the skin from free radical damage and reduce inflammation. It can also improve skin hydration and skin elasticity as well as firmness. Some studies have also shown that propolis can accelerate the healing of wounds and reduce the risk of skin damage from sunburn. Propolis also has antibacterial properties, protects the skin from pests and bacteria, nourishes it and can generally improve the appearance of the skin.

Is it a natural or artificial ingredient?

Propolis, as already indicated, is a natural ingredient produced by honeybees.

How is propolis obtained for use in Korean cosmetic products?

To obtain propolis, professional beekeepers periodically collect the hives from the walls of the hive and further process it to make it into a usable form for the cosmetic industry. This process can vary depending on the company that extracts and processes the propolis.

Are there any known harmful side effects or other disadvantages for the skin?

In general, there are no known harmful side effects or disadvantages to the skin when propolis is used in cosmetic products. It is considered safe and effective. However, since everyone reacts differently to certain ingredients, allergic reactions can and may occur. If you are unsure whether your skin tolerates propolis, we recommend testing it on a small area of skin or even visiting a dermatologist.

Are there any known interactions with other cosmetic ingredients?

There are no known interactions of propolis with other cosmetic ingredients. However, we always recommend that you carefully read the list of ingredients of cosmetic products and make sure that they do not contain any ingredients to which you may be allergic.

With what other cosmetic ingredients is propolis often combined?

Propolis is often combined with honey, plant oils and extracts and vitamin C. However, propolis is always only one part of a skin care product and the effectiveness of a product strongly depends on the combination and concentration of different ingredients.


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