The Best Brands for Korean Cosmetics

At Juui, you will exclusively discover top-tier brands from esteemed Korean cosmetics manufacturers.

These brands distinguish themselves through their extensive use of natural ingredients, frequently incorporating extracts from plants, fruits, or vegetables. The inclusion of dehydrating alcohol derivatives, fragrances, or petroleum products is minimised wherever possible.



The renowned cosmetics brand Abib symbolizes the beginning of the beauty cycle and aims to create the purest and most perfect cosmetic products…


Accoje's natural cosmetic products are crafted exclusively from ingredients cultivated and processed on the Korean island of Jeju.


Korean cosmetics brand Anua has received a lot of attention in recent years for using natural ingredients in its products.

Aromatica - Save the skin save the planet

Aromatica has garnered international acclaim and accolades for its eco-friendly and sustainable skincare and cosmetic products.


The renowned cosmetics brand Axis-y is characterized by its pioneering role in the field of sustainable Korean skincare and is known for its…

Beauty of Joseon

Beauty of Joseon crafts cosmetic products following the principles of Hanbang. This approach merges Korean herbs with modern constituents, offering a…

Benton - Korean cosmetics

Inspired by the movie "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," where the protagonist ages in reverse, the Benton brand is dedicated to slowing…

COSRX - Buy Korean cosmetics

Cosrx is a popular Korean skincare brand that packages its products in a simple, minimalist design and focuses on few but effective ingredients.


The esteemed cosmetics brand Hanskin stands as one of the most iconic K-Beauty brands, having established its reputation through premium…


HaruHaru is a K-Beauty brand renowned for providing high-quality, effective, and reliable skincare solutions designed for daily use.


Isntree, a K-Beauty manufacturer of facial care products, emphasizes maintaining individuals' natural beauty by utilizing ingredients that are natural, safe…

IUNIK - Korean cosmetics

The brand iUNIK was established in November 2016, embodying a straightforward ethos: To provide cosmetics composed of 100% natural ingredients at affordable…


The name "Jumiso" originates from the Korean words "주" (Ju - meaning give) and "미소" (miso - meaning smile), encapsulating the brand's philosophy.

Kaine Cosmetics

The K-Beauty brand Kaine, whose name is derived from the Greek for "new", was founded as a 100% vegan brand that focuses on the careful…


The Korean hair care brand Lador is a specialist in creating hair care products tailored to all hair types and needs.


"Not too little, not too much" is the guiding principle of the LAGOM brand. Embracing the Swedish trend of striking a perfect balance between…

Manyo Factory

Manyo, previously known as Manyo Factory, is a skincare manufacturer renowned for its emphasis on high-quality natural ingredients and organic skincare…

Mary & May

MARY & MAY is a skincare brand specializing in facial care products that promote genuine, clean beauty through the use of safe ingredients and…


Innovative hair care brand Masil has quickly made a name for itself in the Korean beauty industry, especially with its specialized hair care…


"Healthy skin begins with excellent ingredients" - that's the ethos of this congenial, minimalist skincare brand (Mixsoon), which exclusively utilizes…


The cosmetics brand Needly adopts a minimalist skincare philosophy, striving to enhance the skin's inherent beauty.


Neogen stands as one of the most esteemed and longstanding brands within the K-Beauty realm, offering numerous products derived from natural ingredients,…


The innovative K-Beauty brand Numbuzin stands out with its unique "What's Your Number?" philosophy, which aims to provide personalized…


Debuted in 2019, the Korean indie brand ONE THING designs and retails cosmetic products that typically feature a single high-quality…


Purito is a distinguished skincare brand from Korea, established in 2015 and acclaimed for its employment of natural ingredients.


Rootree's natural cosmetics, crafted with pristine ingredients sourced from Jeju Island, are certified organic, adhering to Korea's rigorous certification…

Round a'Round

The Korean cosmetics brand Round a' Round is a proprietary brand of Olive Young, a renowned South Korean cosmetics and health chain.


Founded in 2017, Korean cosmetics brand Roundlab has quickly become one of the top brands in the field of natural beauty care from Korea…


The renowned cosmetics brand SKIN1004 has established itself as a leading provider of hypoallergenic and natural skin care products from…

Some By Mi

The brand name SOME BY MI draws its inspiration from the English phrase "Something by a miracle", with "mi" representing "beauty" in Korean.



Tirtir is known for its dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic products that have been specially developed for sensitive skin types.


Tocobo, a cosmetics brand hailing from Korea, champions vegan skincare. Adhering to their guiding principle of "Follow your intuition", they concentrate on…


The exclusive cosmetics brand Torriden is a pioneer in the K-Beauty industry, known for its award-winning vegan products and natural…


Vegreen is a cosmetics brand renowned for creating cruelty-free, vegan, and eco-friendly Korean beauty products.