10 Step Beauty Routine

Am: 25.07.2019 durch: evaheyer
10 Step K-Beauty Routine

The ten steps of Korean facial care

Beauty care is deeply rooted in Korean tradition. One of its secrets is foreign to us in the Western world, yet quite simple - layers, layers, layers! Korean products are designed to be absorbed quickly. This means that many different products can be used on top of each other, so that your skin can be perfectly supplied with all the important nutrients and, above all, moisture.

Don't feel pressured to always use 10 steps - each routine is as individual as you are!

STEP 1: Makeup removal

Oil cleansers are perfect for removing even the most stubborn, waterproof makeup - finally, no more black marks on your pillow or morning panda eyes!

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STEP 2: Cleaning the face

In order to get rid of the last makeup residues and to remove any residues of the oil cleanser, it is recommended to use a water-based cleanser. With the help of this so-called "double cleansing" you will soon have radiantly clear skin! In the morning this is your first step! With this you remove care residues and impurities accumulated over night.


STEP 3: Peeling

Peelings help you to remove dead skin cells - for radiant skin! This also allows the following care products to better penetrate the facial skin to develop their optimal effect. This step does not have to be done every day. Especially if you have sensitive skin, you should not peel every day - but at least twice a week. Since your skin regenerates faster at night, it is recommended to use the peeling in your evening routine.


STEP 4: Toner

Toners are used to rebalance the pH of your skin after cleansing, removing any residual cleanser and pollutants. Korean toners are particularly gentle and usually do not contain alcohol, which is why you sometimes find them called "refreshers". You can either put a few drops on a cotton pad and sweep it over your face or spread it on your hands and gently pat it in.


STEP 5: Essence

Essences are the heart of Korean beauty care! This step helps your skin with cell renewal, hydration and repair. Essences are usually very liquid or gel-like. This allows them to be absorbed into your skin immediately and without leaving any residue. After toner, spread a pea-sized portion on your palms and gently pat into your face, neck and décolleté.


STEP 6: Booster

Whether it's a serum or an ampoule, this step is the power ingredient for your skincare routine


Have a specific skin issue you want to address? This step is for just that - whether your skin is too dry or blemished - there's a booster for every type.


STEP 7: Sheet mask

This step can - but doesn't have to - be used daily as well, but at least once a week. Simply place the mask on your face and relax for 15 to 20 minutes. Then remove and pat or dab in the remaining essence. You'll have velvety-soft and perfectly nourished skin!


STEP 8: Eye cream

Especially the skin around the eyes is very sensitive and needs extra care. Therefore, you should always use an eye cream. Gently pat a small portion of the cream around the eye with your ring finger (please do not rub!).


STEP 9: Moisturizer

No matter what skin type you have, moisturizer is an absolute must! Simply apply a thin layer to your face, neck and décolleté. We have the right moisturizer for every skin type.


STEP 10: Night masks / sunscreen

In the evening, use a night mask as the last step. This gives the products more time to be perfectly absorbed into the skin - and gives it the final care kick! Simply apply a thin layer and you're done.

Sun protection is always important to prevent premature aging of the skin. Especially in summer, the sunscreen in your foundation is not enough to provide ideal protection (for face and neck, about a teaspoon of sunscreen should be used to create the perfect protection). Your skin will thank you with a fresh and youthful appearance!